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I first learned how to program back in university. I am still very passionate about programming. I hope to develop useful software in the near future. I have many interests when it comes to coding in general. I enjoy front-end development and UI design very much because of the freedom I have to paint my vision. I also am very fond of complex backend systems that require critical thinking skills and logic.
I have learned lots of important aspects of computer science throughout my years at university. For example, I have learned about multithreading, image processing, data mining, GUI (Graphical User Interface) development, etc. I am comfortable with object-oriented languages such as Java and PHP MVC. I also enjoy powerful high-level languages such as Java and C#.
I have a large interest in programming and I love to apply my skills to my personal projects. Fond of data engineering and full-stack development. I have a very keen eye for aesthetics and very much enjoy design overall. I have produced numerous flyers and logos for university organizations.
I have completed my graduation at American International University Bangladesh (AIUB). I received a B.Sc. Engg. in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE).

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Adobe Photoshop CC 2019

Adobe Illustrator CC 2019


PHP MVC Laravel 6




Bootstrap 4